11 Easy Ways to be Better at CrossFit

11 Easy Ways to be Better at CrossFit

Sep 06, 2018Bingo Theme

There are a million things that you could do to to get better at CrossFit, here is a list of some of the easiest (and most effective) ways.

1. Have a rest days. This is #1 for a reason. If you’re training every day (especially lifting), you’re likely overtrained. 

2. Never cherry pick your WODS. Crossfit is about being a well-rounded athlete. How can this happen if you always skip the things you don’t like? 

3. Train with people better than you. This is the same as every other sport. Having people to chase means you’ll progress faster and be more motivated. Even if you’re the best in the gym, there is usually someone with specific strengths to challenge you on a particular workout.

4. Simply show up. There are a million reasons not to go to the gym, and unless it’s your rest day (or week), just get there! It’s amazing how easy it is when you get there.

5. Take rest weeks. How many times have you felt amazing and PR’d after coming back from a holiday? Stating the obvious, but you are over-trained (or under-recovered).

6. Break down other athlete’s techniques. Watch your training partners closely and tell them what you see. It never stops amazing me how many people can spot major flaws in others (but do the exact same thing). NB. This does not mean coach other athletes (unless you are a coach).

7. Aggressively mobilize for a better rack position. Just about everyone can use this tip. Crossfit is a game of efficiency, and how often do you hold front rack! In fact, mobilize everything that needs it.

8. You’re paying a lot for your coaches – use them! Their job is to help you improve. And if you think you know better, it might be time to head back to a Globo Gym!

9. Arrive prepared. Make sure you arrive prepared with all the gear you need. Lifting shoes, shin protection, wrist wraps, tape, etc.. (See our previous post on the most important things to have in your Crossfit gym bag)

10. Visualize what you are about to do. This goes for metcons as much as it does for the Olympic lifts. Mentally rehearse where you want to push hard, where you want to back off and get some recovery, etc.

11. Don’t take your training or yourself too seriously. Chances are that you're not getting paid to do Crossfit, so you better be enjoying it!

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