Why does a KNKG bag cost so much?

Why does a KNKG bag cost so much?

Aug 06, 2021Simone Mikolas

Every now and then we are hit with the question...

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So are we dreamers? Or is there a reason for our pricing? 

The hard truth is that creating a quality bag is not cheap. And if you're after a cheap throw-away gym bag, KNKG is not the brand for you. 

Investing In Quality Over Quantity. 

We are not a fast fashion brand. We pride ourselves on creating the most functional, toughest and highest quality bags possible. The materials and hardware we put into our bag are premium, thus making our costs more expensive.

A KNKG bag is an investment you'll be proud of. By choosing a quality bag that will stand up to the test of time, you'll be replacing your bag less often. 

The KNKG Warranty.

We stand behind what we create. Our promise is backed by our warranty. This is something you won't receive with cheaper bags.

Top Notch Manufacturing.

We only work with the best of the best. Our manufacturers are highly experienced and employ the highest quality control management standards and procedures.

Time And Attention.

We give every bag the utmost time and attention. From conception and prototyping to feedback and testing, we take our time getting each stage right. We aren't ashamed to admit we are fussy people who nitpick the tiniest details, because this means we can make sure every bag becomes the best bag it can be! 

Logistics Sucks.

You probably already know this... but moving things from point A to point B is never easy. Especially bulky things like bags. If it's quick, it's extremely expensive. And it's cheap, it's extremely slow. Simply put, logistics are a significant cost to us and therefore add to our retail prices.

We are more than a product. We are a brand.

A lot of work goes into the backend of the KNKG brand. And our brand is something we want to spread far and wide. Think about how you ended up here, or discovered our brand for the first time? The platforms to reach you cost time and money. 

However, one thing that's priceless is our community. And that's the real reason we do all this! If all we wanted was to make a quick dollar we could sell a cheap generic bag on Amazon. But we don't, because we stand for more than just a product. KNKG is about challenging the status quo. Always looking to push the limits. Breaking the rules when needed. And doing it with gear that works just as hard as you do.

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